Gouda, Inc. creates custom gauze totes in the lightest weight cotton and custom sizes and shapes.

In contrast to our heavy-duty canvas totes, we create some of the softest and most sheer gauze totes in the industry. Sheeting weight cotton and our gauze-like cottons are a subtle, elegant choice for a delicate fashion tote.

Our lightweight materials can best be described as nearly sheer cotton. The lightest weight cottons possible to still create functional totes.

We can print all over our lightweight cottons as well as custom dye them. The lightest weight cottons are not bleached and maintain their gentle off-white cotton color. When used in this natural state the material has an honest, elegant quality on it’s own.

Typically, we print all of our custom totes and bags before they are sewn up, so we will be printing on the flat material.  That allows us the freedom to print wherever you might like including printing on the handles. We print up to 6 colors as spot colors.

Artwork is best if provided in Illustrator for printing. We will want to review all print artwork with you to provide an estimate for your bag project.

All of our custom gauze weight bags are made to order. Please call us with questions about timing to manufacture these special lightweight bags.

We use our lightest weight gauze fabrics to create graceful shoulder bags and totes in natural lightweight cotton.

When you want to create a custom gauze tote, call us to review the options in materials and construction that will make your gauze totes a success: 212-477-9373