Gouda, Inc. manufactures custom backpacks in a variety of shapes sizes and materials.

We design custom private label backpacks in custom shapes and sizes according to the project.

We make custom backpacks in coated polyester, nylon, and pvc. We make draw string backpacks, folding backpacks, travel backpacks, character backpacks, and even custom plush backpacks. We print, embroider and embellish, and custom dye our materials as needed.

Creating a backpack starts with a design concept and then our production team refine the concept to be able to provide the initial estimate for your backpack project.

Our in-house design team can create the design of your backpack, or we can work with your designers to finalize the specs in order to create the project guidelines.

The minimum qtys. to manufacture a custom backpack will depend on the design. If the design is a simple imprint it will be a different process than creating a new custom shape and pattern.

Once the design has been refined and the order is processed, we will create an approval sample for your custom backpack and all the accompanying details including labels and packaging. Timing for an approval sample will vary based on the design, but we can provide an estimate for that part of the process at the start of the project.

General timelines for a completely custom backpack will be approximately 90 days overall.

Call the custom bag experts today to get a quote: 212-477-9373