Gouda makes Cotton Draw String Bags in a variety of weights of cotton from sheeting weight fabrics to medium weight cotton canvas.

Cotton is an ideal material for draw string bags because the natural fiber is stable and non toxic in a variety of applications. We create cotton bags for everything from jewelry to larger sizes for laundry bags.

If you have a specific size that you need for your project, call us to review the materials and  get a custom quote.

We print multi color logos or prints on your bags as needed.  Preferred artwork for printing is Adobe Illustrator for a clean logo print. We can print more than one color if needed on our custom bags and we can print all over our bags if we are sewing them specifically for you.

We can also offer embroidered logos on your bag or custom woven labels for added and upgraded branding. Each detail can be customized for your project, so call us to review what you need and we can provide you a solution.

If you need a custom color bag, we can custom dye our cotton to make your bags unique. Custom color fabrics will take longer to produce and the quantities will be larger than natural color options, but yes, we can make them for you in a custom color.

Call the custom bag experts to discuss your cotton draw string bags: 212-477-9373


Cotton Draw String Bags