What colors can you to make your custom umbrellas?

We have a range of standard color fabrics that are available for our custom umbrellas.  Not all colors are in stock at all times, so it will be important to confirm your choice to be sure we have your color in stock at the time of your order: 212-477-9373

We make our umbrellas in both polyester and nylon fabrics. Nylon and polyester have slightly different properties, and depending on your design, we will make a recommendation for your umbrella.

You can design your umbrella to have two layers in different color fabrics, or you can create your own rainbow umbrella, or alternating color panel umbrellas.  Contrasting color fabrics can be a great way to create a design statement with your umbrella design.

Please see the color fabrics chart above that illustrates many of our standard color fabric options.

If you need so see swatches of any of the colors pictured here, give our office a call and we can send fabric swatches to you to help make your decision.  We may even have a complete umbrella already made in your umbrella color we can send you to review.  Just give us a call to  discuss: 212-477-9373.

If you need a custom color for your umbrellas, we can custom dye our fabrics to create your umbrellas. At 1,200 units there is no additional cost to custom dye your color for your umbrellas.  Call us to discuss the color fabric options for your umbrella design.

Color Fabrics

Rainbow color fabrics umbrellas