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Custom Printed USA Made Scarves and Bandanas

USA Made Scarves

If you are looking for USA made scarves you have come to the right place. Our team has been expanding our USA made offerings to provide as many fast turnaround options as possible.

We offer the softest sheer polyester options in both a satin finish and cotton feel gauze with excellent color penetration as well as traditional 100% cotton rotary printed bandanas. You can see in the videos here the soft hand feel and color penetration through and through the scarf to the back for a truly wearable full color scarf.

USA Made Full Color Polyester Scarves

Our USA made polyester scarves offer full color printing edge to edge with near full penetration through to the back of the scarf. See sizing and fabrics at HERE

USA Printed Bandanas

If you are looking for more traditional bandanas, we offer traditional rotary printed bandanas in 100% cotton made in the USA. You can see rotary printing in the video here.

Traditional bandanas are a great price point for a promotional item and a great value for branding. Great for trade shows, gifts with purchase and more. Contact us for a quality sample to see what a long lasting value a classic cotton bandana can be for your next project.

In addition to our rotary bandanas that are printed with solid colors, we offer digitally printed cotton bandanas in the US for a fast full color solution. As you can see in the video, our US made digital bandanas offer a great full color print on the front of the bandana, but the color does not penetrate through the cotton to the back.  If you are looking for full color bandanas with color through and through, check out our digital cotton bandanas. 

Frequent Questions about USA Made polyester scarves:

  • What  are the minimums? 100 for polyester scarves
  • How long does production take? 10-15 days
  • Can I see a sample of my design? Yes
  • What kind of artwork do I need to provide? Adobe Illustrator® or Photoshop is preferred
  • Can I print a photograph? Yes
  • Does the color show on both sides of the scarf? Yes
  • Are these scarves colorfast? Yes
  • Can I receive a random sample to see the quality before I place my order? Yes
  • What do polyester scarves cost? Contact us for a quote

Frequent Questions about traditional cotton bandanas:

  • What are the minimums? 2,500 units
  • Why are the minimums so high? We are printing running yard goods of fabric for this item
  • Can I have a custom size? We offer several standard sizes to use the fabric efficiently
  • Are these bandanas soft? Yes, they feel like a traditional bandana and soften with washing
  • Are these cotton? Yes
  • Are these colorfast? Yes
  • How long does production take? 3-4 weeks
  • Can I see a sample of my design before printing? With rotary printing, we are not able to set up the complete press just for sampling
  • How many colors can I print? 3 colors
  • What kind of artwork do I need to provide? Adobe Illustrator® is preferred
  • Can I receive a random sample before I place my order? Yes, contact us
  • What will my custom bandanas cost? Contact us for a quote

Call or Email us to get started with your custom scarf project: 212-477-9373