Oversize Logo Umbrellas

Gouda manufactures Oversize Logo Umbrellas on all of our umbrella fabric colors. We can print your oversize logo as large as you like because we print on the fabric before it is sewn together. When printing on the fabric first, we can make oversize logos on umbrellas because the fabric is flat when we are printing. We can print multi color logos on our umbrellas at any scale, since we are printing before we make the umbrella.

Oversize prints on umbrellas have big impact.

Gouda manufactures umbrellas with prints across panels when you need to make a big print on your umbrella.

When you call our office to speak with an umbrella expert, we will be able to help guide the design process to get an oversized print effect on your umbrella at the best cost.  We will want to review your logo to determine the best way to print the design on your umbrella. We may recommend silkscreen printing as you see in this design, or you may need to print with our full color printing. That is why we start at the beginning to help tailor the details of your design to have the most impact at the best price.

When printing oversize logo umbrellas, we need to custom manufacture your umbrellas starting with the fabric, so the minimums will be higher than our standard logo umbrellas.  If you need a standard logo umbrella you should look at our Quick Print solutions to see if that can work for you. We can best provide you with an estimate for your umbrella when we speak with you about the specifics of your project.

There are a number of variables that go into providing you with a cost and timing estimate for your logo umbrella, so give our team a call to get started: 212-477-9373

If you want to send us an email to get started discussing your project, send your logo concept to us here.

Gouda has been helping clients create custom logo umbrellas for over twenty years. We can help you with every phase of the process from the design all the way through the delivery of your finished umbrellas.

Oversize Logo Umbrellas