Museum Tote Bags

This museum tote bag set was created for The Huntington incorporating a print that was inspired by an original design by John Henry Dearle, British (1860-1930). The original design was printed by the famous William Morris and Company, British, 1860-1941.

We start the process of reproducing an historic textile by determining the best size and color to print the textile so that it will be appealing to a contemporary audience. Many patterns were designed to be printed in more than one color way originally.  In the case of this collection, we decided to use black as the background color and to adjust some of the other colors to be slightly more bold than in the original.

The fabric here was printed on high performance polyester in order to create matching umbrellas as well as totes and small cases from the same fabric.  We printed this fabric as roller printed fabric to capture the saturated, permanent color of a textile.

This set was created in our signature reversing tote style so that the pattern can be featured on the exterior or interior of the tote.  We created this reversing style with a hidden magnetic closure so the top of the bag will close no matter what side of the bag is showing.

Gouda designs and manufactures museum tote bags in a variety of materials, shapes and print techniques depending on the original design.

Call or Email us to discuss creating your custom tote bag or to request a sample tote: 212-477-9373.

If you are a museum, ask us about our museum design services and our famous sample kits.