Gouda, Inc. manufactures logo pattern umbrellas as interior prints and as exterior print umbrellas.

Creating a pattern from your logo to print on a custom logo pattern umbrella is an interesting way to translate a basic logo into an umbrella design that gets attention. We can print your logo all over the umbrella in any color and we can also print on colored fabrics. So, with a simple combination of a pattern print in color on a colored fabric you can make a big impression with your umbrella design. We can print on the interior of the umbrella or on the exterior with your pattern.

Some people like to have the pattern be a surprise on the interior of the umbrella and others prefer the logo to be visible on the outside.

Either way, when we are printing all over an umbrella with a pattern, we need to print the fabric before we make up the umbrella. So, this makes a logo pattern umbrella a custom umbrella. Which means we can customize all of the elements of your umbrella.

We can design your logo pattern umbrella for you and present you with options for your pattern, or we can provide you with a template to create your own logo pattern layout.

When we are printing all over your umbrella, we will want to make sure that the ink coverage is lightweight and soft to the touch.  We can help you design this repeat pattern so the the overall effect is a success.

Make your next logo umbrellas fun by creating an allover print design.

Typical qty. for a custom umbrella with a logo pattern is 600 units.

Call the umbrella experts today to discuss your custom logo pattern umbrella project: 212-477-9373