Interior Lip Print Mugs

We get a lot of requests for interior printing on mugs and one option if you are wanting an interior print on your mug is to look at our interior lip print options.

We offer lip printing on our mugs starting at 144 units.

We have always created unique mugs with as many unusual details as possible.

Lip printing is a great new way to add a surprise to your mug design.

We can print in full color on some of our mugs or in single colors if printing with decals.

Can I Print on the Bottom Interior of a Mug?

We can print on the bottom interior if we are decorating mugs overseas. But, with domestic printing we are only able to print on the lip are of the mug to be within FDA guidelines.

Can I Print in Color on Lip Area of the Mug?

Yes, we can print in full color on the lip are of the mug or as solid colors depending on your designs.

What Size Lip Printed Mugs Can I Make?

We print both 11 and 15 ounce mugs with lip prints.


We will supply you with templates to create final artwork so that your mugs turn out perfectly.


After we receive your artwork, we create a virtual sample of your design before we start the sampling phase.

Some of our clients will forego the actual sample if they are in a rush for delivery because the virtual samples are so good. You can see examples of virtual mug samples here to see for yourself.

How Long Will My Mugs Take?

Allow ten days production for most of our custom mugs produced domestically.

Call or Email the mug experts for a quote: 212-477-9373