How Inside Print Umbrellas Work

Inside print umbrellas can be printed with a single image across all panels like we picture here, with a pattern or with photos.

This design would be printed on all 8 panels individual panels and then sewn together to make the lining layer of the umbrella. We show a black layer exterior here, but it could be any of our stock colors.  The reason we suggest a second layer when printing like this on the inside of the umbrella is that you will see the print through on the exterior of the umbrella, and if you want the interior to be a surprise you will want to make the exterior layer ‘hide’ that printed inside layer.  Black of course will hide the most.

We can make any color combination you like on an inside print umbrella.

Even though this design looks like a single print, it has to be printed on separate panels so that the umbrella will open and close properly. If it was a single piece of fabric, it would not give enough along the ribs to work properly.

This inside print umbrella is two layers of fabric together, so the weight of the umbrella will increase slightly as it is essentially two umbrella covers on one umbrella.

This type of umbrella needs to be printed before it is manufactured into an umbrella so this style falls into our custom umbrella category as opposed to our stock umbrellas or Quick Print umbrellas.

This umbrella design (as pictured) would be most cost effective if we silkscreened the graphic onto one of our stock blue fabric colors.  When we start discussing your umbrella design, we will make a recommendation that will be the most cost effective for your particular project.

You can find examples of photographic printing as well on our site and examples with allover patterns on the inside of umbrellas, so we can offer all options of print techniques.

We print on both the interior and exterior layers of these umbrellas, so we would provide an estimate based on your umbrella design.  Some clients like to have a design on the inside and a logo on the outside. Not a problem.  Call us to discuss your custom inside print umbrellas or to learn more about how inside print umbrellas work : 212-477-9373.

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