Flat Printed Cases

Gouda creates custom bags in a variety of sizes including flat printed cases.  These flat cases were created from printed canvas. The canvas was printed before sewing up the flat cases this allows the print to fully cover the bag edge to edge. If you want a case with an all over print, we will need to print before we sew up your bags.

Gouda makes flat cases in canvas, leather, poly, PVC, PE, linen, and nylon materials. We laminate many of the materials to create custom cases. We make cases to order based on your specific requirements. Each material we work with to creates cases has a unique quality, so we will want to take that into consideration when planning your case.  Custom sizes and shapes including custom made zippers and private labeling.  We can line our cases with matching color linings if your case needs a lining.

Our showroom has hundreds of examples of custom cases and custom bags in a variety of styles, so call us to discuss your project and we can send you a sample to review for quality reference.  Or if you would like to visit our showroom to discuss your project, we would be happy to meet with you and review options.

Minimum quantities to make custom cases will vary based on the desired design and materials. We will want to discuss your project in order to provide you with accurate information and estimates.

Our design team can help you create a custom flat case according to your needs.

We manufacture our flat bags and flat cases both in the US and overseas depending on the timing and quantity of your project.

If you are looking for custom flat cases, call us to speak with an expert: 212-477-9373.

If you already have a design for your custom flat case, please email that to us today to discuss.