Gouda manufactures custom printed loop terry towels made to order.

100% loop terry towels are the softest, most absorbent type of toweling.  This towel was woven to custom specifications for the Rugby stores.

Many printed beach towels are sheered on one side (the print side) and you see the loops on the back side of the towel.  The sheered side is typically the printed side of the towel because it is the most smooth for printing.

In this case, we did not sheer the loops off, so the towel has soft, absorbent loops on both sides of the towel.  Printing on the loops of a towel is more difficult than printing on sheered toweling, but as you can see the result is a great looking towel with a retro look and feel.

Gouda manufactures custom printed loop terry towels to have soft ink finish regardless of the coverage and print.

All of our towels are woven to order when we are creating custom towels, so we will want to discuss your project and goals to provide you with an accurate estimate based on your print artwork, desired towel weight, size and finish.

We can also add embroidery, custom labels, custom hang tags and packaging for your custom towels.

Call Gouda to create custom printed towels: 212-477-9373