Custom Printed Cosmetic Bags made to order

Gouda, Inc. designs and manufactures custom printed cosmetic bags in custom sizes made to order.

When you are looking for a custom printed cosmetic bag, you will want to consider all of the options for your print. In the set pictured here, we started with canvas, dyed the ground color and then printed the patterns on the fabric before we made up the bags.

We print full color imagery on our cosmetic bags as well as traditional prints and patterns.

When your cosmetic bag project calls for a custom printed effect, we will want to plan ahead to allow enough time to completely custom make your bags. Typical minimum qtys. for a bag of this type is 1,000 units and will take approximately 55-60 days to manufacture.

We provide custom labels and linings as needed for your custom cosmetic bags.

Call us to get started with your cosmetic bag project. We will provide you with an estimate at the start of the project including the estimated timing for your bags.

You will work directly with a design and production team to finalize your project.

Wholesale. Call or email the cosmetic bag experts: 212-477-9373