Gouda, Inc. designs and manufactures custom plush toys for museums and non-profits.

Educational toys are a big part of the non-profit mission to encourage participation in the museum through play. Studies have shown that children who attend museums will attend as adults. Custom plush toys are a great place to start connecting with younger visitors and building a bond for life.

Custom plush toy design starts with a concept for the overall shape, and then Gouda will develop the design to including the materials that can be used to create a safe custom plush toy.  Gouda, Inc. has experience in the design and custom fabrication of educational shaped plush toys.  We can customize everything from the color to the print to the stitching of the plush toy.

We can work with your design concept, or we can propose a design and shape for your plush character. Typical timing to manufacture custom plush is 90-110 days including sampling. Minimum qtys. to manufacture will be based on the design of the toy.

Call us to discuss your custom plush toy project: 212-477-9373