Custom Molded Logo Mugs

Gouda, Inc. designs and manufactures custom molded logo mugs in custom sizes and shapes.

In the mug pictured here, the logo was molded and then hand painted to have a contrasting finish on the pressed logo to contrast with the overall matte exterior of the mug.

Molded mugs can be glazed with different colors on the interior and exterior and can be printed as well as molded. Molded mugs can be finished in gloss, matte and satin glaze finishes or a combination.

Our minimums to mold custom mugs start at 1,000 units depending on the nature of the mold.

The process of creating a molded logo mug starts with a concept and then we create 3d models for shape approval prior to creating the master production mold.  Call us to discuss the 3d process for more information.

The estimated timing to create custom molded logo mugs is approximately 90 days once we have design approval

If you need faster solutions, have a look at our stock mug styles that allow for a lot of different types of decoration.

To provide an accurate costing estimate for your custom molded mugs, we will need to review your design concept in detail. Give us a call to discuss your molded mug: 212-477-9373

Custom molded mugs made to order