Gouda, Inc. designs and manufactures custom melamine platters, plates, bowls and trays.

Lightweight melamine is a great material for making a big impression with an unbreakable finish.

We print full-color imagery on custom melamine and custom mold the shapes if we don’t have the right size for your project. We can mold your logo into the bottom of your melamine pieces and we can offer custom packaging.

Minimum Qty. for molded Melamine

1,000 pcs. is generally our minimum for custom molding and decorating. Within a minimum run of plates for instance, we can use more than one image if you wish to assort a collection. An example would be four different plate images in a set. We can also offer custom boxing and packaging if you prefer packaged product to open stock. In all cases, it is important to discuss your goals so we can come up with the best solutions.

We have a range of stock shapes we can mold and decorate with your imagery including, plates, bowls, trays and platters.

Typical timing for full color custom melamine projects is 90 days which includes sample, production timing and shipping. The specifics of the timing will be reviewed with you when we are discussing your melamine project.

Call us to get a quote on custom melamine today: 212-477-9373