Custom etched mugs made to order

Custom etched mugs are a high-end way to create unique custom mugs. While etching is more expensive than printing you can be sure that an etched mug will stand out from the pack.

Etching through the outer layer of glaze reveals the ‘body’ of the ware

We either leave the ware showing through like you see in the example in this video or we can finish the exposed area with glaze like you see in the black matte MoMA logo mug pictured here.

Frequent questions about etched mugs

  • What is the minimum for custom etched mugs? 300 units
  • Can I have a custom shaped mug? Yes, custom shaped mugs start at 1,000 units
  • How long will it take to make etched mugs? Two weeks
  • What kind of artwork do I need to provide? Adobe Illustrator® is preferred
  • Can I etch in more than one location on my mug? Yes
  • What color mugs can be etched? Call us for out current color
  • Can I approve a sample before production? Yes
  • What will my mugs cost? Call us to discuss
  • Where are these mugs produced? We make etched mugs in the US and overseas depending on your Qty.

Call or EMAIL to discuss your mug project: 212-477-9373

Custom Molded Logo Mugs with etch logo
Etched and glazed logo
Etched and glazed logo