Gouda crafts custom bags and contrast stitched totes for our clients in a variety of shapes and sizes

Contrast stitching may seem like a small detail, but when used as a design detail on custom stitched totes it has an elegant, graphic effect that adds a level of sophistication to what would otherwise be a basic tote.

The threads we use for contrast stitched totes on canvas are heavyweight threads so that they can show against the body of the bag.  The rest of the threads on this tote are self color and  will not stand out to make up the balance of the structure including the seams.  The stitching you see here is both structural and decorative on the tote.

We are using it to both attach and accentuate the full length handles on what otherwise would be a plain black bag.

Contrast stitched totes can be made in any of our custom sizes.

Typically, we use contrast stitching on only certain details of the tote to add a graphic effect, otherwise we will use self color stitching to sew up the bag. In this case the contrast stitching is used on the handles only. Sometimes we will use contrast stitch effect when attaching a bottom panel as well.

Work directly with our design team to add contrast stitching elements to your tote.

Start with a concept for your bag, and we can take it from there.

Call the tote experts at Gouda to discuss your custom tote project today: 212-477-9393