Canvas Beach Bags

Custom Canvas Beach Bags manufacturer crafts custom bags made to order.

Each bag project is unique, so we will want to review your goals and print ideas so we can provide the best solutions for your bag project.

In the case of our seam to seam printing like the bag pictured here, we printed the canvas panels prior to sewing the bag. This is the only way we can get fill coverage printing, because we are printing before we sew the bag.

The weight of the canvas, will also affect the overall feel of the bag, whether it will stand up or be more soft. This heavyweight canvas make a sturdy bag that will hold it’s shape and stand alone. The thicker the canvas the more cotton weight in the fabric which will influence the cost of that overall bag. So, each project will be a unique quote to be sure we are providing accurate information.

We are able to work with artwork in Illustrator or Photoshop. Illustrator is preferred when possible.

New York based bag experts crafting great bags for over twenty years.

Call or email us to get started with your canvas bag project: 212-477-9373


Printed Canvas Bag Panel
printed canvas bag panel