Gouda, Inc designs and manufactures all over print logo umbrellas in custom colors and sizes.

When we create custom all over print logo umbrellas at Gouda, we start with the your goal for the logo. Do you want a patterned logo allover, or do you want a huge logo right in the middle of the umbrella?  When we make a custom umbrella like the one you see here, we can print your logo anywhere in any size you want.

Unlike printing on stock umbrellas with standard image area, our custom all over print logo umbrellas will really stand out.  In order to get this affect on an umbrella we start at the beginning with the flat fabric. We print the fabric panels while they are flat panels and then we sew them together to make up the fabric cover part of the umbrella. The only way to get a HUGE logo like the one you see here on an umbrella is by printing on the umbrella fabric before it is made up as an umbrella.

Once an umbrella is made up and finished it is never flat enough to get this large of a print on the umbrella, so we have to print before we sew the umbrella.

We make compact umbrellas and full-size umbrellas with all over print logos.

Since we are printing before we sew the umbrella, we can print all over the umbrella, and anywhere you like.  We can also print your logo on the interior layer.

Frequent Questions:

  • What is the minimum? 250 units
  • What is the best timing? 30 days production, depending on the design
  • Can I get assistance with my design? Yes
  • Can I have one image across all panels? Yes
  • Can I print custom colors? Yes
  • Can I have a custom fabric color? Yes
  • Will I see a sample of my umbrella for approval before bulk production? Yes
  • Can I request a random sample before I place my order? Yes
  • What kind of artwork do I need to provide? Illustrator or Photoshop is preferred

Download our Templates to get started on your design.

Call the umbrella experts to discuss your all over print logo umbrellas: 212-477-9373

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