Custom Shaped Mugs

Custom Shaped Ceramic Mugs made to order

If you are looking for a manufacturer to craft custom shaped ceramic mugs, you have come to the right place. With ceramics, like all of our products, you will benefit from our design and manufacturing expertise to get the most value for your custom project.

Can we create a completely custom shape? Yes. You will work directly with an experienced member of our team from your first contact. We believe all of our clients deserve knowledgable sales support with real information and customized attention.

Whether you have a sketch, a complete design or even an existing shape you want to reproduce  we will finalize your design for a complete quote on your unique project.

If you are looking for a manufacturing partner to deliver quality molded ceramics give us a call. We mold custom bowls, plates, pitchers and lidded containers as well as mugs, coasters and trays.

Frequent questions about shaped ceramic mugs

  • What are the minimum Qtys for custom shapes? 1,000 units
  • How long do custom ceramics take to produce? Overall timing for custom shaped mugs is 110- 120 days generally including the sample process. We will provide a complete timeline on your quote.
  • How does the design process work? We start the process confirming your design goals and help you refine the shape so that we can successfully mold your design in ceramic.
  • Will I see a final proof before starting the process? We create virtual proofs, and in some cases we will print a 3D sample prior to creating a mold for your ceramic mug.
  • Will I see a sample first? Once the design is confirmed, we schedule the mold making and create your first sample for approval prior to production.
  • Will production match my sample? Yes, after your sample is approved, we schedule the bulk production of your molded mugs, from casting, to glazing, decorating and firing and quality control.
  • How will my mugs ship? We ship our custom mugs via ocean which is included in your estimate and final delivery will be via truck for best costing. Once we know your delivery destination, we can advise the final costing to deliver via truck.
  • Can I have gift boxing on my ceramics? Yes, we can create custom gift boxes for your project.
  • How do I get a quote on my project? Give us a call or send an email to arrange a discussion about your specific design.

Call or email the specialists to create your custom shaped mugs: 212-477-9372