Gouda, Inc. manufactures custom pattern print interior umbrellas.

Interior pattern print umbrellas are custom made by printing on the fabric before we sew the umbrella fabrics to attache to the umbrella.

We can print patterns for interior print pattern umbrellas as running yard goods with a continuous pattern, or we can print patterns on the cut fabric panels before we sew them.

The type of pattern to be printed will help us decide what to recommend in terms of the print technique for your umbrella.

A one color pattern might be a silkscreened pattern, whereas a multi color pattern may make sense to print differently. We will recommend the most cost effective way to print your pattern based on the initial design discussion.

The best artwork for this kind of printing is Illustrator, but we can work with other formats if needed.

We can provide a template for your designers to create a layout for your umbrella, or we can create your layout for approval. Up to you. Contact us to request the correct template for your umbrella.

We also can create 3D renderings of your umbrella as a way to visualize your finishes umbrella before we start the process. If you are a museum, we provide this service for free so that you can see how your umbrella will look.

We start by discussing your artwork or concept – so that we can provide you with an accurate costing and timing estimate to manufacture your umbrella.

Gouda, Inc. designs custom pattern print interior umbrellas in all of our umbrella frames. Custom interior pattern print umbrellas to order: 212-477-9373

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