Gouda, Inc. creates custom logo umbrellas in all of our standard and custom sized umbrellas.

Logo umbrellas can be compact in size or oversized golf umbrellas. They can be printed with logos all over or just spot logo printed on our stock style umbrellas.

We can print logos on the interior of your umbrella as well as on the exterior.

We also offer stock size umbrellas that we can print on with your logo. When we are printing on stock size finished umbrellas, we print at the bottom of the center of the umbrella panel.  The reason we print there is that is the only place on the umbrella that is flat enough to fit on our press to silkscreen a logo.

When you see logo umbrellas where the logo is printed allover, we need to start with the umbrella fabric. We print the fabric first and then we sew the panels together and to the umbrella frame. When we are printing the fabric first that is a custom umbrella. Our custom umbrellas qtys. are 600 units in order to completely custom make your umbrella.

Custom umbrellas take longer than our stock logo options. Our stock logo options ship within 10 days of receipt of your order. Stock umbrellas can be ordered in qtys. as low as 100 units.

You can see examples of our stock logo umbrellas here: www.hotelumbrella.com

Call the umbrella experts to discuss your custom logo umbrellas: 212-477-9373