Gouda, Inc. creates custom interior print umbrella and bag sets in custom printed fabrics and designs.

Gouda, Inc. creates custom interior print umbrella and bag sets that include full color prints and patterns.

When making custom prints for the interior of an umbrella or the interior of a bag we start with a discussion about the type of image or pattern to print. If we are printing a pattern on the interior layer, we can print running yard goods to make up into bags and umbrellas. Running yard goods and pattens can be cut in any direction and so that will be important to decide at the start of the process.

If we are printing an image like you see here pictured on this post, we will print the panels of fabric first to guarantee the artwork will appear in the correct position on the finished umbrella and bag.

We can print full-color reproductions of paintings or full-color graphics on our umbrella and bag sets.

Our interior print bags can be reversible or not depending on the overall construction details of the bag.  When we are making interior print bags, we will be printing on the fabrics before constructing the bags in order to create these bags.

Our design team will work with you at the outset of the project to provide a cost and timing estimate including the costs for screens and sampling. Each project is unique and we need to clarify your desired quantities and styles in order to provide updated costing.

Typical timing for a custom set like the set pictured here is 90 days.

If you are a museum, call us to request a sample set for your review and also about our new museum screens pricing program.

Call the umbrella and bag experts to discuss your custom project: 212-477-9373