Gouda, Inc. manufactures interior print metallic umbrellas in a variety of sizes.

Metallic fabrics are created by coating the fabric with a metallic ink. The film of metallic ink is printed on one side of the fabric to create the metallic effect. We can coat our fabrics in bright silver, platinum, copper and gold inks.  The metallic ink coating will appear on only one side of the fabric and can be visible on the interior or exterior of the umbrella.

When we use metallic coatings to create metallic umbrellas, we are coating the fabric all over prior to any printing. So the metallic coating is added in the making of the custom fabric. This step adds some cost to the fabric at the start of the process and our minimum is 1,000 years to coat a fabric.

Once we have the coated fabric, we can make any of our size umbrellas from small compact styles to our oversizes umbrellas.

In the case of this umbrella for the Guggenheim museum pictured here, we coated the black fabric in silver and then printed on top of the silver coating to get this effect.

This technique gives us interior print metallic umbrellas with an exterior black color.

The black color exterior is the color of the fabric we started with before adding the silver coating.

Coating the fabric with a metallic ink changes the texture of the umbrella slightly as the metallic ink itself has a little weight to it, so the fabric will be a little more stiff than uncoated fabrics.

Metallic umbrellas are sometimes used to block the sun as well as to be reflective because the metallic coating if used on the outside of the umbrella bounces light.

We have created umbrellas for blocking sun as well as for rain.

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Watch this video to learn more about interior print umbrellas