Interior print image umbrellas

Gouda manufactures interior print image umbrellas with photos and illustrations in all sizes from compact to Golf size frames.

Typically, an interior image umbrella will be made in two layer construction allowing us to get a full color print on the panels used for the interior and a solid exterior color.

We design the umbrella around your artwork so the image and design fall correctly across all of the panels of the umbrellas.

We print the fabric before we sew up the umbrellas so we can have maximum print coverage into the seams.

Frequent Questions about Interior Print Umbrellas:

  • What is the minimum? 250 Units
  • Can I have a custom frame for my umbrella? Yes, Qtys. will be higher if you need frame customization
  • How long does it take? 30-35 days production with our fastest frames
  • Will I see a sample of my umbrella before bulk production? Yes
  • How long does an approval sample take? Approximately two weeks
  • What type of artwork do I need to supply? Illustrator or Photoshop is preferred
  • Are these made in the US? No
  • How do I get a quote? Contact us via Email or phone with your artwork for an estimate
  • Can I see an example before placing my order? Yes, we can share random samples for quality

Interior print image umbrellas made to order. Wholesale: 212-477-9373