How to design an umbrella

We have outlined the general steps for creating a design for a custom designed and manufactured umbrella below. While there are many more details we can discuss with you, and many more options we can consider, this is a good place to start the design process of your custom umbrella.

  1. Start with a concept for the print of your umbrella. A sketch of the idea is fine. Whether a logo or a full-color image or photograph. The print for the umbrella will drive much of how we create your cost estimate, so this is important to start the design process. We can provide you with a template for your umbrella, but starting with a sketch is a great place to start.  Review the links below for inspiration.
  2. Decide what type of frame you want for your umbrella. The frame is the structural part of the umbrella including the shaft, ribs and handle. Common frame sizes for our umbrellas:
    1. Compact Manual
    2. Compact Auto
    3. Full-size Standard
    4. Oversized Golf
    5. Mini
  3. Decide if your print is on the exterior or interior of the umbrella. Not all frames are suitable for interior prints, but we can review that with you.
  4. Choose a fabric if you want a color fabric for your umbrella from our range of colored fabrics. See our umbrella fabric colors below.
  5. Call us to discuss the options, so that we can advise the differences in cost on the umbrella you are thinking about making.
  6. If you want to create the final layout based on your initial sketch, we can provide you with the correct template for laying out the final print artwork, or we can create your final layout for approval. If your artwork is complex, and you are not a designer, you may want us to create the final layouts so that the artwork will be accurate. If you are a designer, we can explain the details of how your artwork will be printed and how your umbrella will be constructed – so that you can create your final layout. Generally, we include the cost of the layout of your umbrella in the process of creating your umbrella. Since not everyone designs umbrellas every day – – we expect to help you in the final stages of the layout.
  7. Final artwork for the umbrella print can be provided in Illustrator or Photoshop. If your final artwork is a logo or a graphic image, it is always cleanest if provided in Illustrator format.

We will help you get started creating your custom umbrella design.

Call the umbrella experts at Gouda, Inc. to get started on your custom umbrella design: 212-477-9373