How Long Does it Take to Make a Custom Umbrella?

This is a question we get every day, and it it important to understand the process to appreciate how long it will take to make your umbrellas and why.

There are Seven steps to create truly custom umbrellas:

  1. Design: We start with finalizing the print design with you, which will determine your cost per umbrella.  We will help you refine the fabric choice and print design for your umbrella to get the best effect for your money.
  2. Frames: Once we confirm the final specifications of your umbrella and you place your order we begin manufacturing your frames. We build all our frames to order for each project. All parts are made and assembled to order.
  3. Print: While manufacturing the frames for your umbrellas, we will make whatever screens or printing plates are needed to print your umbrella fabrics and ready them for sampling your print.
  4. Sample Timing: Your first sample with print on your finished frame will take approximately 4-5 weeks depending on the design.
  5. Approval: Once you receive your pre-production sample and approve it for production, we will then schedule final production and inspection of your umbrella order.
  6. Inspection and Packing: Final inspection and packaging of your umbrellas when complete will guarantee your umbrellas are all tested and first quality.
  7. Shipping: We recommend shipping via ocean for best costing. Ocean shipping and customs clearance and final delivery to your destination will take 4-6 weeks. This process is always a little flexible, because ocean freight is subject to change due to weather events and also potential customs delays. We can ship via air to expedite your order, but the cost per unit will increase to ship via air. Inland freight to your final receiving destination is the last step.

If your umbrella is truly custom made, we estimate 90-110 days for the overall process.

Call the custom umbrella experts to discuss your umbrella project: 212-477-9373.