Foil Printing on Custom Manufactured Canvas Totes

Foil Printing

Gouda prints with foil techniques on canvas in both gold, silver and other metallics when you need an especially shiny print or accent in your design.

When custom manufacturing your tote bags, we can include the option of metallic foil printing.

Foil Printing is shinier than a traditional metallic ink.

When your design calls for a foil effect, give us a call to discuss. We are not able to print foil inks on most of our stock totes, so if your project calls for the shiniest effect of foil, we can custom make your totes to order.

Frequent Questions:

  • Does foil cost more? Yes, a little more than silkscreen
  • Is foil durable? Yes
  • Can I have a custom color foil? We have a range of colors to choose from, but we are not able to make a custom color foil
  • Can you print foil effects on your logo totes? Not our stock styles, no
  • Is metallic ink the same as foil? No, metallic ink has metallic particles embedded in the ink to get a shine, foil is actually a metallic layer in the print.
  • How can I get a quote for foil printing and custom bags? Call or email us

Call of email us to get started: 212-477-9373

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