Gouda, Inc. designs and manufactures custom mini compact umbrellas in custom prints and custom colors.

Custom mini compact umbrellas are a great umbrella for travel and also promotions. We create fully custom compact umbrellas like the ones pictured here and we also offer a few basic stock styles that can be imprinted with a logo if you have a rush project.

While compact and Mini umbrellas are sometimes used interchangeably to describe small folding umbrellas, there are important distinctions in terms of the size and shape that are worth understanding. Compact umbrellas describe all the umbrellas that collapse down in the shaft, but Mini umbrellas go a step further and generally fold up one more time and often have 6 panels instead of 8 panels.  While 6 panels will keep you dry, 8 panels will always be a bigger umbrella. So, with Mini umbrellas you give up some strength and size but you gain portability.

Also, typically, the Mini umbrella frame is made of lighter weigh materials because the goal is to achieve the smallest size and weight to make it the most portable option.

The dimensions of Compact and Mini umbrellas will vary by frame style, and we can review that with you when we start your umbrella project. Some frames are more durable than others and some are more lightweight.

We always want our clients to have the best quality for the money in an umbrella, so there are some frames we would not recommend as they are known to not be very strong. We prefer to use our A grade frames for all of our customers so that your logo nodes not appear on a broken umbrella in the trash.

Gouda, Inc. designs and manufactures custom mini compact umbrellas in automatic styles and manual frames.

Compact umbrellas can be all manual or have some automatic features.  Our design team will review the options and priorities when we start designing your custom umbrella.

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