Gouda, Inc. manufactures custom membership totes and gifts for fundraising and loyalty programs.

Membership gift programs need to stay fresh, and Gouda creates custom membership totes that are a great, budget-conscious way to connect with members and say ‘thank you’.

Membership directors know that keeping a member is more important than getting a member. The connection needs to stay relevant and the membership gift can serve to inspire a repeat commitment and an ongoing membership.

We find that membership and loyalty programs that connect and re-connect with a membership base offer a thank you gift that is of quality but not overly expensive.  An appropriate and attractive gesture of appreciation.

A custom membership tote can be made in a any number of custom shapes, sizes and colors.

If you are in a rush, you can always look at our stock styles to create just the right tote when you are in a hurry.

Also, ideally a membership gift should be sufficiently attractive and useful that the recipient uses it  in public and is proud to advertise their association with your cause.

Custom membership totes provide the ideal canvas for your message. Call a custom tote expert today to discuss your project or to request a sample tote: 212-477-9373