Custom Leather Bottom Totes

Gouda crafts custom leather accent totes with leather handles and bottom – made to order.

When working with leather on our totes, we offer all leather construction or just leather accents for your tote project. The amount of leather and the final details and size of your bag are up to you, because we are custom designing your bag for you.

The minimum quantity to manufacture a custom canvas and leather totes start at 100 units. Once we have confirmed the specifics of your project, we will provide a complete estimate for the best costing and timing for your totes.

Custom leather bottom totes are a classic style that can add a durable and elegant touch to your custom tote bag project.

The best way to get exactly what you need for your higher quality projects is to plan to make custom designed totes.

Leather is a classic material to add polish to your totes, and our leather options include a range of custom colors. If you are looking for a custom leather bottom tote, call us to discuss the options and timing. You will work directly with a design and manufacturing team to guarantee the best results on your custom tote project.

Call or email us us to discuss your custom tote bag project.

Request a quote or sample: 212-477-9373