Gouda, Inc. designs and manufactures 4 Color Process Shopping Bags to order with custom imagery.

If you have a complex image for your bag, the best way to get full-color results is to print in 4 color process. Our 4 color process shopping bags can be made in a range of custom sizes and finishes.

Since our shopping bags are all custom made to order we can specify the size and shape down to the color of the handles.

Process printing is the best way to print imagery with multiple complex colors. In the botanical print you see here, the artwork was created from hand painted original illustrations.  Artwork like this would be too complex to print with spot colors, so we would recommend process printing.  When we start your custom bag project we will review your artwork or idea and confirm how we will print your unique bag.

Every bag design and purpose is different which is why we offer glossy and matte finishes on our shopping bags depending on your preference.

If you are looking for a high end result in your shopping bags, call us. You will be assigned a specialist who will provide an estimate and follow your project all the way to completion. Full service from start to finish.

If you need help finalizing a design for your bag, give us a call and a designer will work with you.

Production timing for our 4 color process shopping bags is 35-40 days after sample approval.

Our designers can create the layouts for your shopping bag, or we can provide you with the templates if your team prefers to create the layouts. It’s up to you.

Call or email us to discuss your project or request a sample: 212-477-9373