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We provide product costing as part of the design process at the start of your project.

Gouda manufactures custom products across a number of price points. We even offer some items under $5

Gouda develops gift-with-purchase programs and membership gift programs with budgets in mind.  All of our clients are concerned about pricing and our goal is to provide the highest quality products with the best pricing.

Gouda develops retail product programs that include retail pricing targets from the start of the design process. We advise our clients to work backwards from a retail price goal so that we can develop the design and manufacturing method to meet that goal.

We design the product from with the retail pricing goal in mind so that we can hit a wholesale cost that will be in sync with your retail price goals.

With a team that has been designing and manufacturing custom products for over twenty years, our clients rely on our ability to deliver value pricing and quality in every custom product.

We won’t just make you a nice looking design on paper, we will manufacture a great finished product.

The process of creating your custom products will start with the design guidelines.  Once we know the scope of the design, the quantity and your desired delivery dates, we can advise costing on your custom product.

When we provide you with a cost estimate, we will also advise timing for your samples and overall timing for your production and shipping.

We provide pricing on some of our stock products and Quick Print products, but we do not publish pricing for custom products. Call our offices to discuss your project, so that we can provide you with the most up to date pricing for your custom products: 212-477-9373