Gouda, Inc designs and manufactures custom Interior Print Bags in a variety of sizes and materials.

When you are looking to create unique bags with unique prints on the interior or exterior, you have come to the right place.

Gouda manufactures custom printed fabrics as linings when you want a surprise effect.

In the bags pictured here, we printed a pattern on fabric so that we could have a reversible style bag with a print on one side and a solid color on the other. This bag is even designed to have a hidden magnetic closure sot that whether you decide to have the print on the interior of the bag or on the exterior, your bag will be able to reverse and close with a snap.

On the smaller cosmetic bag, we chose to use the printed fabric on the exterior of the bag.

Gouda manufactures custom bags made to order in a variety of materials and techniques.

If you can imagine the bag, Gouda can manufacture it.

Minimum quantities to manufacture your custom bags will depend on the design and timing, so call us to work directly with an expert to get a quote or request a sample to get started.

Interior print bags made to order: Call: 212-477-9373