Gouda, Inc designs and manufactures custom umbrellas including inside print hotel umbrellas.

Inside print umbrellas are a great way to create an intriguing and unforgettable custom umbrella. For a hotel, an inside print hotel umbrella creates a fun alternative to a standard umbrella.

Our hotel clients, looking for a way to create an upscale branded umbrella can incorporate design details on an inside print in order to update a brand and communicate quality to guests.

We start all of our custom umbrellas from the beginning. When printing all over the inside layer of an umbrella we need to start with the flat panels.  We print the panels and then sew them up to create an inside layer. We can print simple graphics on the inside layer and we can print full color photographs.

The exterior layer of your umbrella can be a custom color or chosen from our collection of standard colors. See our standard color umbrella fabrics here: Umbrella Fabrics

Call the custom umbrella experts today about inside print hotel umbrellas: 212-477-9373