Gouda creates fashion umbrellas with custom frames, fabrics and handles.

In this case, we created this umbrella with a custom molded handle and a custom color gold frame for Marc Jacobs complete with a custom made, printed sliding box packaging. We printed his signature  spring collection stripe in black and also in crimson.

We used roller printing here to print the striped fabric to get the softest touch to the print and also the most penetration through the fabric. Roller printing is always the highest quality option when printing a pattern.

Creating upscale fashion umbrellas starts with customizing the details right down to the handle.

Gouda creates custom shaped handles using 3D printing – so we can preview the shape and style before we create the mold for the handle.  Minimums for molding a custom handle will depend on the design of the handle. In this case, we custom molded the handle in white with a soft matte finish.

We provide full-service design and development for your custom umbrellas.

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