When we say Gouda makes custom shaped bags, you can see from this example we are serious.

When a client asks for a unique shape we work to refine the idea to make it into a workable bag. If it can be made into a bag – we can do it.

We love a challenge in terms of a concept for a custom shaped bag. We wanted to show this bag shape as an example of one of the more fun shapes we have made because it is not every day you see a round bag.

Some materials are more suited for unusual shapes than others.  In this case, we used a medium weight canvas so that we could sew the turned seams, but be sure the round shape would still stand up.

We create design solutions for all of our custom bags from the drawing board. We can work with your concepts or if you have an existing design, we can adapt that for manufacture.

Once we refine the initial design and provide an estimate for your custom shaped bags, we will produce a prototype for approval prior to production. We will review the approval sample with you to confirm all of the construction decisions. This initial sample will be produced in the production materials and techniques so that you can preview what your production will look like. This is the opportunity to make any final adjustments in the bag prior to production. Once the approval sample is confirmed, we will go to production on your custom bags.

Gouda makes custom shaped bags with custom handles, custom materials and custom design solutions.

The minimum qtys. to manufacture a custom shape will vary based on the design, so we will review your concept first to confirm it can be produced and provide a cost and quantity estimate.

Work directly with our design team to develop your custom shaped bags. Call the experts: 212-477-9373